Kick-starting with Sew-Alongs

Here is Sheila’s post on her recent sewing project.

Christmas usually signals the end of my sewing for a while.  Long, hot summer evenings spent with a glass of bubbles trumps my sewing machine – for a while anyway. But there comes a time in late January when I need to kick start my sewing mojo and what better way to do it than through a sew-along.

Sew-alongs are started by like minded bloggers to virtually sew with the online sewing community. Usually a blogger will find a pattern, either their own or a commercial one – set a date and a schedule and ask people to register their interest – but this is totally optional.

The beauty of these sew-alongs is that it whets your appetite and you get to make a garment in five or six days, depending on your level of procrastination. Of course you can always do a catch-up of a lesson if you can’t meet the scheduled time.

My first sew-along was the Archer Shirt by Grainline Studios.  Find the sew-along series here.  It was great to log-on, watch and sew and in no time my shirt was completely finished.


Image from Grainline Studio’s website

I have a new sew-along in mind for February and I’m hoping this will do the trick to get my sewing for 2016 back on track.

If you’re interested, google “sew-alongs” and see what you come up with. Enjoy!!

Here’s a few other sew-alongs for 2016 that came up when I searched “sew-alongs 2016 dressmaking”.  This is not an exhaustive list and includes just a tiny handful of some indie-pattern companies and some larger community websites that are known to me.

Sewaholic Sew Alongs and Tutorials

SewAlongs with Colette Patterns

PatternReview Monthly Sewalong 2016 discussion.  This mega-site is a big resource but you’ll need to be a paid up member and login to access some of the good stuff.

Mood Sewing Network showcases many high profile bloggers who frequently run sew-alongs or have “buttons” on their blogs showing the sew-alongs they’ve taken part in. There’s a lot on this website, so you’ll need to search it.

Also, if you follow this blog, you can also follow The Monthly Stitch which is a very cool (in my humble opinion) collective of sewists from around the world including New Zealand, who set challenges which may become sew-alongs.  Check them out!

Another way for you to access a virtual group sewing experience and amp up your sewing mojo is to search for the specific pattern that you are making and see whether anyone is doing it or has done it as a sew-along. There is the added bonus of finding a fellow sewist with your type of body shape and fashion sense to see what else they are creating and how good is looks on them.

The beauty of the internet for us sewists is that it is a treasure trove of knowledge that is accessible 24/7, it connects us with people through a very creative and practical pursuit, and has something of use AND ornament for everyone.

Thanks to Sheila for her kick-starting this topic.