Vivienne Files and Silhouette Patterns

There has been a lot of sickness at work this season, long lingering bouts of “flu”. I have been fighting it for weeks now and it has finally got me. I am home, in bed and grumpy!! Thank goodness for my laptop and WIFI. I have been thoroughly exploring a couple of very interesting websites.

One is The Vivienne Files This website, written by a very prolific blog host who is NOT named Vivienne (you have to read the story), is all about putting together a classic timeless minimal wardrobe. She has a number of different approaches for how to do this which I am exploring. Right now I am reading about how to start one from scratch You can either read her 20 blog posts on this subject!! or a more condensed version of 5 stages. From there, she branches out into all sorts of more detail on different topics. All of this is accessed from the link above, her actual website has unending interesting information and concepts. She is nothing if not thorough. One of her concepts I find funny but very practical is “Whatever is Clean”. This is a funny name for a minimal wardrobe in which everything goes with everything else so that you can wear whatever is clean and it will go together. She discusses this in step 18 at the above link. All her posts on this subject are here I find her writing style easy to read and appealing although her clothing style is not necessarily mine. Her approach to colour is new (to me) and quite liberating. She is not advocating the current “in” colours, she pulls her colours from many sources, including artwork. This website is enormous, it will keep you busy for many hours if you find this subject interesting.

The second is both a website and a Youtube channel for Peggy Sagers of Silhouette Patterns. She has been around a long time, has written many articles for Threads magazine, promotes industrial sewing techniques, has a line of patterns and a lot of very good information about fit and many adaptations for her patterns.  I have watched many hours of her youtube videos, there are short small topic ones and long big topic ones. Here are some of my favourites:

I was having quite a bit of difficulty navigating her Youtube site. I was using the “video” tab to explore it and the videos seemed to be listed in a random order. I finally looked at the “playlist” tab and here they are listed under headings in a more organised manner. Note the “View full playlist” link at the bottom of each category, in some categories there are many more videos than the ones listed.