Sewing TV…on the Internet

There have been sewing shows on TV for many decades, but they are few and far between and have never been enough to keep sewists happy.  Did you know you can watch sewing TV on the internet?

Nancy Zieman is the Grand Dame of sewing TV she has been on PBS for almost 40 years. I remember watching her show Sewing with Nancy in the 80’s. She had wide interests and often an innovative approach to old problems.  She was one of the first to use the internet as a “broadcast” platform. She started her own website Nancy’s Notions years ago selling a wide range of sewing related items, it is jam-packed with helpful tips & techniques, free patterns and useful videos.

She also has a youtube channel! (No, I didn’t know that was a “thing” either) As expected,  here you will find many videos. On the right sidebar is a short list of other related channels.

The network that supports her also has an active internet presence and has 175 (!!) episodes of her show. You will need to sign in with a Google or Facebook account or create a new one, but then you have the ability to manage the episodes you want to watch.

Sew It All TV has a website with interesting content, the videos have moved to their youtube channel.

It’s Sew Easy TV, currently in its 13th series, features many different designers and experts. The website has episode descriptions, you will find a wide range of topics from very accomplished designers and experts. To watch the videos, on youtube scroll down until you see the “It’s so Easy” title, then use the left and right scroll bars to see all 13 series. You may want to explore this youtube channel a bit, it is full of other craft videos as well.

Youtube is an incredible resource! Using the search box for “Sewing” returns millions of results!! Refining that by clicking on the “filter” button on the left below the search bar and selecting channel under “Type” returns a more manageable number.

I hope you spend many happy hours exploring the sewing information wealth on the internet but remember, nothing actually gets made unless you are at your sewing machine!!


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