Thank Goodness for a rainy Saturday!!

Well, it has been quite a learning curve! having been thrust into the role of Blog Administrator because Beth, our previous administrator is busy with a new adventure.

So on this rainy Saturday with nothing else pressing to do, I spent a few cozy hours with Google working out what I have to do…and here I am!! Yeah!

I’ve been doing quite a bit of sewing over the summer, which is unusual for me. My sewing room is usually too hot to tempt me in the summer, but this summer has been pretty low-key (polite term for rotten) and I have been sewing up a storm.  I am pleased to be diminishing my stash a little!

I have updated a number of things here, so look around.

I have also been having an electrical adventure with my vintage Elna Lotus sewing machine.

She had an electrical fault. She turned on fine and the light worked, but when I tried to sew the light would go out. Everything else worked fine, I could sew with it, but there was no light which was not helpful.  At first I thought the lightbulb filament might be somehow dislodging itself when I was sewing (electrically capable people – do not laugh at me!!) so I changed the lightbulb. The new one was much brighter which was very nice…when it was on. So nope…that didn’t solve the problem.  I took it into a sewing machine repair person (who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent) and it came back clean and shiny with a clean bill of health, but when I plugged it in and tried to sew, I still had the same problem!! I was NOT pleased. I procrastinated for some months and finally took it to Sewing Workshop, a repair shop in Avondale. The repair person was not there at the time, but the counter person plugged it in and THE LIGHT WORKED!! I was so pleased to see that the light would actually work, I rushed home and plugged it in, started sewing…..NO LIGHT!! I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t understand what was going on but I knew the light worked so I must have been doing something different from what the sewing repair shop person did. The only variable I could think of was the way the plug was inserted into the machine, so I reversed it…and that solved the problem. This is an old machine, back in the day apparently you could plug things in backward… with poor results.  I am very pleased to know there is nothing wrong with my Elna and I can take her to meetings again.


One thought on “Thank Goodness for a rainy Saturday!!

  1. Well done, Leslie! I picked up the things from Matt, and no, he’s not the same gentleman who came to our meeting. There are a couple of big bags and 3 boxes of various things – I’ll bring them along to our next meeting. It’ll be a bit like Christmas! 🙂

    Cheers Christine

    Christine Fromont Award Winning Image Coach Exclusively You Ph: 021 975 815 PO Box 308 008, Manly, Auckland 0952 e: Web:


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