Hand woven textiles in Oamaru!

Earlier this year, the SCA group co-ordinator, Diane was browsing through a North and South magazine and this advert ‘jumped out’. Hand woven textiles in Oamaru!



Here’s what Diane wrote:

I visited Rod and Sue McLean’s website and blogsite and found out the weaving was done on historical c.1918 Hattersley looms using locally sourced wool and alpaca fibre. Sue tells about the history of the looms, their own weaving journey and how helpful it was to Rod’s recovery, on The Radio NZ interview and in the magazine article (on their blogsite).  The photos on the website are excellent.

Thanks Diane for sharing this wonderful [and unknown to this blogger] New Zealand resource!


2 new sewing machine service and repair shops added to our directory

If you happen to live or work near to Sandringham or Manukau City, check out the two new additions  to the “Auckland Sewing Resources” page here sent to us by SCA group member, Sally P.

Thanks for the information, Sally 🙂

Remember if you have any information to share with others that is sewing-related such as any new fabric shops, textile fairs or markets or sewing machinery repairs that you’d recommend, please leave either a comment below this post, or email sewingconnectionauckland@gmail.com.