Dowager Countess of Grantham’s wisdom on sewing

Here’s a funny meme from Sheila and found pinned on Pinterest here

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Thanks Violet, never a truer word spoken.


Welcome to 2016

Hello to all our sewing friends in Auckland and wherever you may happen to be.  Happy New Year!

Over the annual summer NZ-is-closed-down period, I’ve been hibernating away under a “mountain” of clutter (at home) and UFOs, WIPs and fabric (at the studio).  Feeling slightly like Leo from the Revenant (although without the bears and ‘actual’ dying, obviously) as the journey in my sewing continues on and on and on and…..


“Now where did I leave my scissors?”

So it’s a big ol’ sewing year ahead for me – how about you all?  I’m about to kick-start the action for the group pretty soon – possibly after breakfast.  Anyone wish to join me?

Feel free to send me any content you want posted – after all, loading up the posts is the easy part, it’s the ideas that need the work…. that said, we’ve got a bunch of ideas lined up to share and would love to hear what everyone’s been doing sewing and crafty-wise over the hols.

Diane Parton, Sheila and I have been finalising the new 2016 programme with topics, trips, challenges and workshops in store for you lucky people, so Watch This Space (oh and the Facebook space too!).  There’s plenty to inspire and share.

Coming soon will be the full details about the New Venue at the Bayview Community Centre, 72 Bayview Road, Bayview on the North Shore as well as important dates etc.  The first meeting of the year will be Saturday 13th February at midday.

If you want to become a member of SCA or just renew your membership for 2016, then head over to the Contacts page and get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Cheers Beth