Life Size Teddy Bear

Extreme sewing at its best by new member, Nomes. An admirable sewing challenge with plenty of explanatory notes on specific details of construction. We love it! Thanks for putting this up, Nomes.

Source: Life Size Teddy Bear


What will you be sewing for Christmas? Visit our next meeting

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Our next and last meeting for the year is on Saturday  5th  December 9.30am – 12.00pm at Highbury Community Centre, 110 Hinemoa St. Birkenhead.


  • Welcome to visitors
  • Show and tell – wear or bring something you have made
  • Bring some cash for a small ‘suitcase sale’ of fabric pieces. (Proceeds to go towards a future website for SCA)
USA 2012 307

Disclaimer: This image may not necessarily represent contents of “actual” suitcase!

  • Programme for 2016 – what workshops or trips would you like? Suggestions of themes for 3 sewing challenges.
  • Social time and end-of year morning coffee/tea. Please bring a small plate of tasty morsels.tea-clipart-il_340x270.542071813_ssnm

Hope you can make it.